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10 things fans should be aware of before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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Here are some things that fans can anticipate from the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East, which will be in Qatar in 2022.

10 things fans should be aware of before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, from alcohol laws to the climate.

Scotland and Wales have also secured spots in the play-offs for the tournament, which will begin on November 21, 2022. England has already qualified.

What can fans anticipate from the first Winter World Cup and the first to be held in the Middle East?

Here is everything we currently know about visiting Qatar one year from now.

When can I buy tickets?

Each nation’s supporters are given a set number of tickets, which go on sale in January. A new round will go on sale following the final draw on April 1.

Will I need a visa?

A single fan ID system will be used for the purposes of obtaining a visa, match ticket, Covid pass, and proof of lodging.

On game days, the photo ID will provide free public transportation via an NFC function.

How do I make hotel reservations?

According to Berthold Trenkel, COO at Qatar Tourism, bookings for the knockout stages will require proof of a valid match ticket, but for the later stages the rules will be relaxed to allow people to “come just for the atmosphere.”

Am I allowed to stay in a “floating hotel”?

In preparation for the month-long competition, MSC Cruises’ newest and largest ship, the MSC World Europa, will make port in Doha on November 21.

The MSC Poesia, a smaller ship built in 2008 and capable of carrying up to 7000 passengers, will sail next to the new ship, which is still under construction.

For a combined total of 4,000 cabins, both ships have been chartered.

Shuttle buses will transport fans to Qatar’s transportation network, including the Doha Metro, from where they can access stadiums, fan zones, and regional attractions. These shuttle buses will serve the so-called “floating hotels.”

What’s new with accommodations made of tents?

As part of the nation’s plans to provide temporary housing and make sure there are no “white elephants” left after the tournament in the form of permanent hotel rooms, thousands of World Cup fans will be able to camp in tents in the desert and possibly the city.

According to Berthold Trenkel, the Qatari government is in discussions with “local and international players” about establishing up to three camps with a combined capacity of 3,000 people at locations in both the capital and the desert.

Mr. Trenkel said, “I don’t have the final figures, but it could be between 1,000 and 3,000 people for those campsites.

What kind of weather can we expect?

December’s weather should be pleasant, with daytime highs of 25 degrees and evening lows of 16 degrees.

The players on the field ought to be more comfortable than they were at earlier competitions like Rio 2014. There won’t be a need for outdoor air conditioning.

Is there going to be anything to watch besides football?

In order to fill stadiums on days when there are no matches during the later knockout stages of the competition, including on December 15 and 16 before the final on December 18, Qatar Tourism is in talks with well-known performers.

Trenkel stated: “We’ll be hosting numerous concerts, so you might travel to Qatar to attend a DJ festival or see a big band perform. We are putting the finishing touches on the musicians who will perform at the concerts.”

Qatar’s typical tourist attractions will be available to visitors, including snorkeling and 4×4 dune-bashing in the desert. A trip planner with a list of sights and attractions is available on VisitQatar.qa.

Can I drink alcohol?

The competition will be the first to occur in a nation where Islam is the official religion.

Visitors have been advised by the Supreme Committee, which is in charge of the games, that “public intoxication and the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places are not permitted.”

Although alcohol is not a part of local culture, Qatar is a welcoming country and will accommodate any fans who want to drink responsibly.

Alcohol will be available for purchase by spectators in designated fan zones at hotels and in some eateries.

Following a successful fan zone trial for 40,000 spectators at the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 where a pint was priced at QAR 25 (£5.09), prices for beers are anticipated to be around £5.

The issue of drinking in stadiums and other locations, including the popular Corniche waterfront promenade and the cultural village of Katara, where entertainment, live music, and pop-up food trucks are planned, has not yet been decided.

Outside of fan zones, there will be some areas where alcohol will be made available and somewhere it won’t, according to Mr. Trenkel, whose department is in charge of issuing alcohol licenses.

How will fans travel to the games?

The majority of the eight stadiums are conveniently located near modern Doha Metro train stations (single tickets cost 40p), but some games will also require fans to board shuttle buses in order to get to the stadium.

How do the current Covid entry guidelines work?

Visitors from the UK must quarantine for two days in Qatar starting on Wednesday, October 6, or until they receive the results of a mandatory PCR test that was conducted upon arrival.

Pre-departure PCR tests completed no more than 72 hours prior to arrival are also required.

The adjustments coincide with Qatar’s introduction of a new border policy with nations given either a red or green status.

Although the games are still a year away and the UK is currently on the red list, there is still plenty of time for these regulations to change.

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