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40 Fashion Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall

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That’s right, it’s fall already! It’s time to bring out the sweaters and get cozy with a cup of tea.

After moving all those shorts to the back of the closet, take a look at what’s left. When was the last time it was updated? Because fashion changes all the time, it isn’t too surprising that new styles come out each year, and it just so happens that fall is one of the biggest fashion seasons.

During the spring, designers release what they think will be most popular during the spring and summer. Then, at the start of fall, designers release what will be popular during the autumn and winter seasons. This year, things are looking a little…strange. While some items are understandable, others may not be as big as designers think. Novelty sweaters? Who doesn’t have one of those in their closet?

Well, it’s time to pull out the animal print and sweaters with designs because they’re going to be huge this fall. Some of these trends may surprise you, especially since you’ll find you may have a lot of it in your closet already! Some of them even seem like something you may wear during the spring. Thankfully, it should be easy to incorporate these new trends in with your usual fall fashion.

Without further ado, here are 40 fall fashion trends that you’ll see everywhere this year! Do you think you’ll wear many of these items? Do you already own many of these items?

Long Cardigans

Too warm for a coat and too cold for bare arms? Cardigans are the solution. Long cardigans are perfect for fall weather. We’re talking about ones that go past your hips, and sometimes even further! They’re warm and comfy.

Statement Earrings

Statements necklaces and rings have been hogging the spotlight far too long. Now is the time to clear some space for the statement earring and leave the rest of the bling at home. Large, attention-grabbing earrings are the accessory of the season, so make sure to stock up.

Loose Silhouettes

Loose and layered silhouettes are all-the-rage and will be a trend you see everywhere this autumn. You have full permission to ditch your skin-tight bodysuits and curve-hugging pencil skirts for airy and flowing fabrics!


Pleated skirts are so in this fall that it’s practically criminal. Short, pleated skirts inspired by the classic school uniform and the much edgier car-wash pleats are the perfect option for a fun fall outfit. Pair with thigh- or knee-high boots, and you’re good to go.


Spring just went, but don’t put your florals away just yet. You can still wear florals throughout the fall season. Personally, we would wear garments that are fall-colored but use a floral design like a maroon dress with peach and white flowers.

Natural Hair

We no longer need to spend hours taming our hair every morning of the cold season. Embracing your natural hair texture, no matter how curly or straight, is the hottest hair trend of the fall. Bonus: the lack of heating and styling will keep your hair healthy even with the dry air.

Burnt Orange

The orangey-red rust color of 2018 has been replaced by burnt orange. This bold hue is bright, energetic, and not afraid to make a statement. Burnt orange jumpsuits, dresses, trousers, and sweaters are must-haves this fall.


Fall is the ideal time to break out your favorite pair of cords. The velvety fabric is warm and cozy, making it perfect for the colder months. Whether you rock wide-leg corduroy pants, a trendy corduroy blazer, or a classic corduroy skirt, you’re sure to make a statement.


A long-sleeve ruffle blouse or a sheer ruffle maxi dress will cure your cold-weather blues. Tiered frills are dainty, feminine, and easy to dress up or down. Extra points if your frills embellish your wrist, neck, or waist.

Flared Jeans

The ’70s are the main inspiration for most of the fall season’s trends, and flared jeans is one we are happy to welcome back. The freeing, loose fabric is a nice change from the tight skinny we’ve been rocking for years, creating a chill vibe perfect for the months of PSL and crisp air.

All Things Plaid

Plaid is a natural fall pattern. Heck, it’s on most scarecrows! Granted, most of us have plaid that’s fall colors like red and orange, but this year, trends show that plaid of every color will be “in.” We may just stick with the fall colors since they are some of the best shades.


Booties are almost always in style, meaning your booties from last season will also work this year! Bonus points if your booties are slouchy or have some ruching because mixing and matching trends is tres chic.


Say goodbye to the long locks that clung to your neck all summer and create a fresh, easy look with the lob (long bob). The kind-of-short-but-also-kind-of-long cut will be a welcome addition to all of the scarfs and wide-brimmed hats you’ll be rocking as it gets colder.

High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted shorts have been our summer staples, but the colder months don’t mean we have to ditch the flattering waistline. High-waisted jeans are just as hot in chilly weather.

Straight-Leg Denim

This new denim fit is inspired by ‘60s and ‘70s fashion. The long, straight-leg denim is rigid, high-rise, and cropped at the ankle. They pair perfectly with heels, sneakers, or boots, and transition seamlessly from fall to winter.


Velvet blazers and dresses will keep you on-trend this holiday season. Royal blue, forest green, burnt orange, and ruby red are warm hues that will complement your fall wardrobe.

’70s Brown

Thank goodness the styles of the ’70s are coming back. The patterns aren’t something we want to see again. However, the colors? They weren’t too bad on their own. The shade of brown worn in the 70s was unique. It almost had yellow undertones, and we haven’t seen anything like it since…well, the ’70s.

Knit Sweaters

It doesn’t have to be something holiday themed! Novelty knit sweaters are just tops that have some kind of design – whether it’s an animal or a unique pattern that stands out. Novelty knit sweaters always go better with solid color garments, but the color of those items is up to you.


Leather can be uncomfortable, so we suggest waiting until temperatures drop. That way you can don your leather pants without feeling uncomfortably sweaty. Alternatively, you could wear a leather jacket.


You read that right – capes. Capes are trending everywhere from fashion to weddings. If you won’t be hopping on this trend-train, you’re not alone. However, if you want rock a cape, you’ll definitely look chic.

Chunky Sneakers

Clunky kicks are comfortable and functional—which is why they’re garnered so much attention. The ‘80s shoe trend can be worn with any outfit, for any length of time. And they come in various silhouettes and color schemes, combining streetwear with fashion.

Light Liner

Usually, the winter is about darkness, but this year, it’s about the natural look. In makeup, the “natural” look is becoming incredibly popular. Instead of pulling out the black eyeliner, reach for a brown shade. This color can still open the eyes and create a dynamic look without looking too heavy.

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