6 Best Places In The World To Travel For Great Weather

6 Best Places In The World To Travel For Great Weather

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Some days are better than others. Oftentimes, they’re better because of the pleasant weather you’re experiencing them in. There’s nothing worse than spending a beautiful day stuck indoors where you’re left to contemplate how much nicer it would be to spend it with the cool breeze, the palm trees, and all that other good stuff that makes for a pleasant day outside. In the middle of those thoughts, you become aware that you’re wearing sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt when what you really want is your swimsuit and shades. Situations like this happen to us all too often!

The best place to stopover alone in Singapore.

There are few more stress-free solo travel experiences than touching down at Singapore’s award-winning Changi Airport on a tropical afternoon. There are a variety of cultural attractions to explore, a growing selection of hostels and guesthouses, tons of free activities, and one of the best public transportation systems in the world (including excellent airport links).

The city is ideal for solo travelers, whether you decide to wander through the Chinatown Heritage Centre with an audio guide, marvel at the otherworldly Gardens by the Bay, jump into a lavish rooftop pool, or join the crowds feasting in Singapore’s hawker food courts. The city’s cosmopolitan outlook is an added bonus; locals don’t bat an eye at the daily influx of visitors from abroad, and there aren’t many hassles and scams to worry about.

Epic solo travel experience: exploring the quaint cafes and interesting shops in Tiong Bahru, a gentrified 1930s housing estate.

The best city for culture in Rome, Italy.

Rome’s cityscape is a kaleidoscopic canvas of artistic flair, architectural wonderment, and historical marvels, ranging from ancient icons like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to the towering masterpiece of Renaissance architecture that is St. Peter’s Basilica. There is so much to see, whether you stay for two days or two months, that you are unlikely to get bored.

Despite the fact that English is less common than in some European countries, the 14 million other tourists who come to this cultural center every year make it difficult to feel alone. Additionally, when dining alone, you only need to worry about pleasing one palate at Rome’s exquisite restaurants. Rome rewards relaxation, so don’t plan an overly busy itinerary. In the Eternal City, meeting new people over a glass of wine at dusk is a necessity.

Epic solo travel experience: walking the 7 km (4.3 miles) of art-filled halls that make up the Vatican Museums and seeing St. Peter’s Basilica.

Best city break: Portland, Oregon

Portland, one of the hippest cities in the USA, offers all the cultural benefits of a large city with the hometown coziness of a small town. In the urban wineries, microbreweries, and coffee shops of the town, the conversation moves more quickly than the drinks can be poured. In addition, this laid-back city’s patchwork of small, welcoming neighborhoods makes it simple to explore each district separately.

This counterculture hotspot is more than just its love of a good chat; a variety of whimsical attractions highlight its quirky side, including an urban goat herd and a museum devoted to vacuum cleaners. It’s also easy to get around thanks to reliable public transportation and a well-liked bike-share program. And while Portland is renowned for its artisan restaurants, dining at one of the city’s 500 or so street food carts is friendlier and unquestionably more enjoyable.

Thailand’s Chiang Mai is the best for food.

It’s a close call, but for travelers who see the world through the lens of a knife and fork, one place stands above all others for solo foodie travel. Chiang Mai, the capital of northern Thailand and the former seat of an independent kingdom, offers the full Thai experience in a small area, including excellent cuisine, a rich culture, historic sites, ethical elephant encounters, laid-back nightlife, and a welcoming traveler community.

In Chiang Mai, snack time is at any hour of the day. The city always has a fork or spoon in hand, from its excellent northern Thai restaurants to its fun-filled and chaotic night markets and hole-in-the-wall eateries offering the city’s famed know soi soup. The abundance of culinary schools in Chiang Mai makes it a particularly good destination for lone travelers. These institutions are great locations to meet new people and learn how to prepare dishes like phat Thai, green curry, and hot and sour tom yam soup.

Epic solo travel experience: of course, how to prepare Thai cuisine! Before beginning to pound herbs and spices to create your own curry paste, most courses begin with a tour of the market so that you can learn to recognize local items (Small House Chiang Mai is one suggested school).

Belize’s Caye Caulker is the ideal island getaway.

Atolls aren’t only for honeymooners, though. Car-free, pastel-hued Due to its small size and laid-back, backpacker-friendly atmosphere, Caye Caulker has long been a fantastic destination for lone travelers. This attracts a calm, multinational audience looking for a less marketed piece of paradise. There are many additional activities available, from snorkeling and diving on teeming reefs to kayaking to less-traveled areas of the island while keeping a sharp lookout for crocodiles. It’s easy to squander days lazing at The Split, the island’s best beach.

During the afternoon happy hour, hang out with other visitors at nearby reggae bars before enjoying Creole-style street cuisine at night. What benefit of traveling alone is indisputable? Your feast of swordfish and shrimp doesn’t have to be shared!

Epic solo travel experience: diving or snorkeling in the turtle- and small-shark-filled Caye Caulker Marine Reserve.

Australia’s East Coast is ideal for road trips.

It would be challenging to travel alone along Australia’s east coast. Since so many people travel along the winding route from Sydney to Cairns, finding solitude is sometimes more difficult than finding company. There are few sites that can compare to it for tourists looking for natural beauty, first-rate infrastructure, an abundance of excursions and group activities, and wild late-night celebrations.

However, this coastline’s beauty is due to more than simply the festive atmosphere. The traditional road trip itinerary is dotted with sights that should be on everyone’s bucket list, such as lounging on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, exploring the ancient Daintree Rainforest, or blowing bubbles on the Great Barrier Reef. The best experiences will probably be had when interacting with locals in coastal surf towns and one-pub settlements in the Outback, an hour or two inland from the coast. Think about hiring a car to explore.

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