Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas Recipe


Clean dry chilles 1 chille ancho and and id say about 12 chille guajillos puth them in a pot and boil them dont add to much water just enough to make a sauce in the blender if that makes sense I dont add anything to the sauce cause I will flavor it later. Once its soft add chilles and water to blender and blend put in bowl on the side.
Once you chicken is boiled take it out and chredd. Strain your chicken stock clean it.
Then add your chile sauce to chicken stock bring to boil and flavor with consome also known as chicken bullion .Note make sure you have the right amount of chicken stock that you will use for sauce if it not enough add water when you feel like its enough then add chille sauce. Once you have you enchilada sauce bubbling and flavored in a cup get some water and some all purpose flour add the flour the the water in the cup and whisk when finly whisked start adding to enchilada sauce slowly and whisk it in. dont add fast or you will get little clumps of flour add slowly and whisk it in. As the sauce thickens to your liking its ready. Chred cheese have it ready mix some in your chredded chicken roll in tortillas put them in a deep oven pan I used my cast iron pan put in your rolled chicken in corn tortillas nicely add sauce and cheese drop in the oven at 350F when cheese is melted sauce is bubbling its ready. Note you can soften corn tortillas in microwave just put them in for 20 sec to 30 secs . Its simple easy and delicious I never really write anything its all in my head but I tried my best good luck everyone let me know how it goes for you making the sauce.

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