Female Solo Travelers Share Their Top 10 Travel Advice

Female Solo Travelers Share Their Top 10 Travel Advice

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Security First

Prepare yourself for the new location you are visiting. A local Sim-card will give you access to the Internet, its messengers, and online maps, as well as safe taxis (like Uber), online ticket booking, and emergency calls in case you get into trouble. Staying connected and online can make all the difference. For those of you who enjoy hiking alone, consider investing in a satellite GPS phone that will enable you to stay in contact even when cellular service is unavailable. Before leaving on a trip, get a topographical map of the area to familiarize yourself with it.

Always believe in your gut

Women have incredible intuition, and they should make the most of it while traveling. You will encounter a wide range of people and visit many different locations while traveling. Meeting locations aren’t always well-lit and planned ahead of time. If something makes you uneasy, avoid it. Don’t go down that alley, ignore the untrustworthy stranger, or leave a sketchy party. In other words, follow your instincts! If it’s the right decision, you’ll stay out of trouble; if it’s the wrong decision, you’ll miss out on some experience, but you’ll ultimately be safe.

Communicate With Locals

After all, this is the whole point of traveling, right? Other nations are like other planets with cultures that are distinct from your own, where people speak beautiful unusual languages and engage in customs that you have never seen before. The only way to truly understand the culture of the place you’re visiting is to engage with the locals. Additionally, make an effort to socialize with other tourists; you never know who you might meet who will share your interests and become lifelong friends.

Get Professional Assistance For A Breathtaking Experience

Tour operators offer female-only trips as well; they’re not just for crowded journeys. If you want a customized experience with a twist (like learning photography while you’re there or how to cook local cuisine), you might as well ask for professional assistance who will plan a trip that will accommodate all of your unique requirements. To find companions and potential friends who share your interests, you can also join women-only groups. You can get assistance with that from organizations like Damesly and Wild Women Expeditions.

Aim To Live In A Hostel

Although they may provide comfort, hotels never offer a wide variety of experiences. On the other hand, hostels are a backpacker’s dream because they are teeming with like-minded people, local knowledge, and helpful contacts. Owners typically have some knowledge of nearby attractions and can point them out, and helps visitors will share their own insights and recommendations. You can not only make friends there, but you can also find travel companions and learn everything there is to know about the destination, including costs, hotels, and local guides if you require them. You’ll feel quite at home in a hostel because they come in all different styles and dimensions.

Combine Your Favorite Hobby With Traveling

You should anticipate spending the majority of your time alone while traveling alone (duh). You’ll have plenty of downtimes to try new things or keep doing the things you already enjoy, whether it’s a few hours on a train or a quiet evening in a hotel. You can make your trip more memorable by engaging in activities like photography, painting, sketching, and journal writing.

Rely On Strangers’ Goodwill

Asking someone you don’t know for something doesn’t have to get you into trouble. Once you begin traveling alone, you’ll discover that there are many kinds, of compassionate people in every country who are always willing to assist you in times of need. Therefore, don’t be shocked if someone helps you out while you’re standing in the middle of the road trying to figure out which way leads to your hotel. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask shop owners and street vendors because they are the ones who know the area best.

Watch Out For Scams

The sad truth about traveling alone is that not all strangers are kind and innocent. This could occur in any nation or city in the world, but South-East Asia and Asian nations, in general, are particularly abundant with all kinds of ‘helpers’ who will either assist you with carrying your luggage, direct you to your hotel, or assist you in snagging a pricey taxi. The best advice at this point is to follow your instincts. If you’re leaving from the airport, be ready, stay vigilant, use reputable taxi services, or select a pre-paid taxi. Decide where to go after booking your hotel at least for the first night. To avoid scams, purchase your own train and bus tickets.

Move Lightly

It’s a straightforward rule, but it can be challenging to adhere to. Your life will be so much simpler if you pack lightly! You don’t have to pay more and stand in line after you land to get your checked luggage. You can just grab it whenever and leave! A rickshaw, a scooter, or a bike taxi are also available at a lower cost; you don’t always have to hire a car taxi. Pack a light backpack or a small suitcase on wheels and be as mobile as you can because it’s easier to walk without a heavy suitcase.

Take a Break if you need to

It can get pretty draining to constantly deal with everything alone, whether you’re traveling for a week, a month, or a year. Because you are in charge of everything, you must make all decisions. The most sensible course of action when you are exhausted is to stop, put your worries aside, and take a day off. Spend the day in a hotel reading your favorite book, getting a massage, or just sleeping a lot and talking to your loved ones. Since you’re traveling alone, you get to set the rules.

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