Study in America: 7 Reasons to Study in America

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The United States of America occupies the fourth place in the world in terms of area, with about 9.8 million square kilometers. It has a population of about 327 million people, which places it in third place in the world in terms of population. As for the number of Arabs, it reaches approximately 3.7 million people, according to the statistics of the Arab American Institute. 80% of them hold American citizenship, 62% of whom hail from the Levant, 11% from Egypt, and 27% from the rest of the Arab countries. The presence of Arab communities in America is concentrated in the states of California, Michigan, and New York. The United States has been and still is attracting huge numbers of students from all over the world, thanks to the world-class universities that offer high-ranking programs and fully and partially funded scholarships for various majors, in addition to a number of other advantages.

1: Academic institutions on a global level

The United States of America is proud of its 4,000 universities. Of these, 16 universities are ranked among the top twenty in the world. These universities and academic institutions offer a wide range of programs and majors, granting all degrees and degrees, from bachelor’s degrees to post-doctoral degrees, which are recognized around the world.

2: Academic flexibility

America’s higher education system offers students flexible options to suit their needs and interests. For example, undergraduate students can choose several subjects to study at the university before they decide to enroll in a specific major after the end of their second university year, which gives them enough time to explore their interests and tendencies. So if you have not yet reached a decision about the specialization that you will study at the university, do not worry; you can apply to enroll in any university in the United States and specify that you have not yet decided on the major that you want. And if you know exactly what you want to study, you can also study other subjects and get a “Double Major” in just four years. The same applies at the postgraduate level, where you can build your study plan in line with your academic goals. And add what you see as compatible with your academic interests.

3: Job opportunities

There is no doubt that obtaining a university degree from abroad will open wide career prospects for you, and the opportunities will increase if the degree is awarded by one of the most prestigious universities in the world. And because American universities offer multiple study options, their graduates can choose from a wide range of career paths. Not only that, international companies tend most of the time to hire people who are empowered and able to provide a different perspective on the products of these companies.

4: Research and training opportunities

American universities offer international graduate students opportunities for research and training where the student can work under the supervision of his teacher as an assistant professor or research assistant, which contributes to covering the costs of study for these students in addition to expanding the scope of their knowledge and skills and providing them with the opportunity to work in the field of study that they choose under the supervision of the best experts.

5: Use of technology

The United States is proud of its technological development and has made sure that all sectors of the education sector are equipped with the latest technologies, which makes university life for students simpler and facilitates their access to information. With technology playing a pivotal role in research and development, various American universities have worked to never be late when it comes to advancing their facilities and students by introducing new educational methods and skills that keep pace with the latest developments.

6: American culture and university life

American society is often described as a living example of freedom, fun, and opportunity, and that is absolutely true. Once you make the decision to study at an American university, you will feel the enthusiasm and freedom flowing inside you. And the moment you set foot on the land of the United States, you will absorb the American culture in all its shades and colors, which will give you many opportunities to learn about different cultures and share your culture with your friends from different countries of the world. University life in America is not just teaching and indoctrination, but rather an extension of your personality. Where you will find many ways to make new friends and enjoy life, you can enroll in poetry courses to unleash your creativity or join the dance club. You can become a writer for a university magazine or a professional player on a sports team. The options in front of you are countless, so choose what suits your interests and brings happiness to your heart.

7: Support for international students

International students often find it difficult to get used to a new life abroad. However, the various American universities ensure that things are facilitated for these students, as most of them provide all forms of guidance and support to new international students regarding visa procedures, residencies, housing, and even job opportunities to cover study costs.

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