The 7 ways to earn money while traveling the world

The 7 ways to earn money while traveling the world

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This post is for you if you’re thinking about how amazing it would be to get paid to travel the world but are unclear about whether it’s possible or where to begin.

It’s not a fiction or a quick-rich plan that some MLM firm is peddling. You can work from home and travel for a living while also changing the world significantly.

I’ve been traveling for almost 11 years with my husband and kid, and we’ve always paid for our trips by working while we’re on the road.

1. Travel filmmaker

Love to create and edit videos?

If so, a job as a travel cameraman may be right for you.

One of two approaches exists for a cameraman to get compensated for travel:

  1. As said in point four, create films for your own social media channels, grow a following, and establish yourself as a travel influencer.
  2. Get paid to create promotional movies for hotels and travel agencies by showcasing your exceptional travel content online.

even better if you have experience with drone videography, which is huge right now.

Create and edit a ton of professional-caliber videos while you’re out and about to get started.

Send links to your social media accounts to hotels or travel agencies to pitch for any open paid job after posting those films on your website or social media accounts and using them to begin engaging and growing a following.

Another option is to request a discounted or cost-free stay or trip in return for filming a promotional video. You aren’t getting paid to travel in this method, but it is quite similar if you can travel by exchanging your services for travel and lodging.

2. Photographer of travel

Being a travel photographer is a fantastic way to earn money while exploring the world, similar to travel videography.

Once more, you have the option of selling your services to hotels and travel agencies or using your photographic abilities to establish a following and become a travel influencer.

There are a few other options to monetize your vacation photographs, though.

These consist of;

  • starting a travel blog that covers travel photos as well as the destinations you visit.
  • Making and promoting classes that teach people how to take beautiful vacation photos.
  • promoting your services to other bloggers, media sites, tour operators, or influencers.
  • establishing and expanding a print-on-demand online business using your photographs.

This is an amazing, imaginative, and enjoyable way to earn money while traveling the world, regardless of whether you’re a photographer or a videographer.

3. Travel advocate

Being a travel influencer may be a really lucrative way to get paid to travel the world, which is why I’ve mentioned it a few times before.

Even with subpar filmmaking and photography abilities, you may create and build a sizable audience who adores following your travel adventures simply by telling tales and sharing great experiences from all over the world.

Select the social media network you want to use to expand and begin publishing images, videos, and stories there.

Regularly update your blog with new content, and interact with your audience as it grows.

You can decide to expand exclusively through social media, or, as I would suggest, provide a freebie or develop entertaining trip quizzes to begin accumulating an email list of subscribers.

With a list of subscribers, you may market any upcoming goods or services, send out linked travel deals, or even advertise new channels as you expand.

As an influencer, you may receive compensation for your travel expenses through sponsorship or advertising agreements, brand alliances, or the introduction of your own line of goods or services.

4. Publish a travel blog.

Starting a travel blog is another path to becoming a travel influencer, a freelance writer, a brand partner, or even creating your own travel-related business.

If you choose, you may combine doing this with expanding your social media following, or the other way around. Pick a name for your travel blog, buy a domain and hosting, and establish a basic WordPress website.

The most crucial aspect of travel blogging is to consistently publish high-quality material. To do this, you should investigate the most commonly used travel keywords on Google.

Find popular keywords to base posts on by using free tools like the Google keyword planner and the free AHREFs keyword generator. To get a sense of what’s hot, also check out what other travel bloggers are writing about.

You may make money from travel blogging as your audience expands by engaging in the affiliate marketing (promotion of other people’s goods), running adverts, publishing and selling travel guides, making video courses, and more!

A travel blog is a great way to document your adventures, show off your photographic abilities, and create a vast online network, but it does take time and effort to grow.

5. Publish and sell guidebooks

Why not publish your travel essays as books if you enjoy writing about the locations you visit and the experiences you have there?

Anyone may now publish a book using the Amazon KDP program, or they can even build their own print-on-demand books using a platform like and sell their guides on their own websites.

To begin started, you may find out what kinds of how-to books are currently selling well by using Amazon as a terrific research tool.

After that, organize your subsequent vacation around writing your book and visiting, evaluating, and documenting all the locations you choose to discuss.

Create a fantastic cover for your book, then either publish it as a book on one of the book sites or just store it as a PDF that customers may download after making a payment.

6. Turn into a Tour Guide

We once took a free walking tour of Paris while there, and it was so enjoyable that we may have paid the guide 50 euros for his time.

There were at least 20 of us on the trip, so he would have had enough money for a 3-hour tour if everyone had been as kind as we were.

Why not think about becoming a walking tour guide if you enjoy learning about the locations you visit and imparting your knowledge to other tourists?

If you are well-versed in the area you are visiting, all you need to do is map out your itinerary, promote your tour online, with some of the larger tour operators, or at the neighborhood visitor center, then establish a link for people to book.

You may either charge in advance or, as the guy did for our Paris trip, be so wonderful that people will cross their palms over money!

7. Superyacht construction

This is a challenging yet enjoyable method to earn money to tour the world.

You may work as a deckhand, steward, cook, babysitter, instructor, or anything the trippers need aboard a superyacht! An ENG-1 medical certificate and certain fundamental safety credentials, such as the STCW, which is necessary for anybody intending to work on a commercial vessel over 24 meters long, are needed to get started.

Depending on the position you’re looking for on the boat, the sort of qualification is required.

I have numerous friends who work on superyachts, and while it may be a wonderful lifestyle to mingle with the famous and wealthy while seeing some of the most breathtaking places on earth, it’s also quite demanding.

It might be the finest job in the world if you join a yacht with an excellent crew and skipper. It may rapidly go south if you have lousy visitors and you don’t get along with your crewmates.

Before entering this field of work, make sure you conduct your own research and that you are ready for any situation.

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