These Tweets Confirm That Everyone Has a Quirky Mom

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When it comes to moms, everyone likes to think that it is just their mom that took the train to coo-coo town and never got off. But we are here to tell you that it seems as though every mom out there has a ticket for that train with their name on it… Jimmy Fallon is famous for creating Twitter challenges, and his latest #MomQuotes has taken the internet by storm. Fallon asks his followers to “Tweet out a funny or weird thing your mom has said and tag it with #MomQuotes”. You yourself probably have too many stories to tweet, so imagine the rest of the world. As much as we love our moms, it is no secret that they provide us with endless comedic material that we later use to our own benefit and apparently the benefit of the internet.

#1: Happy Birthday to Me?

There is one thing that almost all mothers have in common, and that is the act of giving birth. The many hours that it took and horrible contractions it took to bring a living thing into this world seem like it is worthy of some serious recognition, at least once a year.

Even though we all get a birthday, perhaps our mothers should be getting all of the recognition on that particular day for enduring all that they did. Maybe it could be somewhat of a shared day, where the mom is given some sort of present as a thank you, but the child is still given more attention?

#2: Savage

Did you even have a childhood if your mother didn’t embarrass you multiple times a day? For better or worse, it is their job to make sure that we are fed, well-rested, and red in the face at least once a day from their very motherly antics. And nothing compares to when mothers do something to embarrass you in public…

We know that this particular example wasn’t to do with her kid, but nonetheless, it is still rather embarrassing when your mom tells someone off! Just because moms are moms, it doesn’t mean that they are everyone’s mom and have the power to tell everyone off…

#3: Fend For Yourselves

When it comes to parenting, there is always the assumption that they will look after you and your siblings even if it is the very last thing they do. Because that’s their job as parents, or at least that’s what we as their children think they are meant to do for us…

But apparently, not everyone’s parents will rush to save them in their hour of need. This mother made it very clear that her fear of heights is greater than the need to save her children from a cliff. Hypothetical questions are always somewhat exaggerated, so we wonder if her response was too…

#4: Space Invader

There isn’t much that children can say to outsmart their parents. No matter what, parents are always going to have the last say in an argument. When you are a kid you don’t necessarily understand your parent’s methods or why they are so strict, but the older you get, you begin to understand things.

If you think about it, kids are so rude when speaking to their mothers, considering they literally gave birth to them. We absolutely love this comeback from this mom! Not only is it very witty and on point, but it is also extremely accurate. So accurate in fact that her daughter was in agreeance.

#5: Motherly Advice

Depending on the upbringing you had, you were probably spoken to in a specific way and received a specific type of affection. Whilst some parents shower their children with hugs, kisses, and “I love you”, other parents decide to let their kids figure out that the world is a rough place, early on.

For example, instead of getting “Goodbye” or “Drive safe” from her mother, she would get the old-fashioned “Watch out for deer and perverts”. We’re not saying that her mother’s method was bad because there is merit in warning kids of potential danger, but it isn’t the most motherly of reactions.

#6: Slow and Steady

Are you even your mother’s child if you haven’t been incredibly embarrassed by her at least once in your life? You best be careful, because the second you get your first girlfriend or boyfriend is when you are going to be picked on the most…

These are those cringe-worthy moments that make you wish you were born into a different family. How is it that parents in general always know the right thing to say in order to make a situation incredibly awkward? Either way, it is always mothers who know exactly what to do in these situations.

#7: New Recipe!

When it comes to moms, it isn’t often that their kids are the ones showing them how to cook. Most moms have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to cooking and baking, after having spent many, many years coming up with recipes through trial and error.

Well, as it turns out, sometimes kids can show their moms a new recipe. But the only thing is you want to make sure you really pronounce the ingredients or at least write it down for your mom, otherwise something as horrendous as this might happen in the supermarket.

#8: It’s All in the Details

Parents have a lot of things constantly in their heads that they need to remember. From school drop-off times to remembering when one of your kids has a dentist appointment, it can get full on. In these circumstances, usually, the parents know best…

But there are other times when they completely lose sight of everything. When you think about it, how could someone’s mother actually forget their birth date? Considering how much of a traumatic experience it probably was… But hey, even mothers can’t remember everything.

#9: Best Sister Ever

When you leave your parent’s home, for the first time, it is a big step into the unknown. Not only is it a big step for you, but it can also be hard on your parents who have gotten so used to caring for you for the past however many years. Sometimes things can get a little boring for them, so they need to fill the time…

And that’s why some parents decide to get a pet in order to give themselves some more purpose. We’re not sure if we would consider a dog to be our sister, but whatever mom says, goes. And if this mom says that this cute little dog is another one of their children, then so be it.

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