Top ten destinations for people with disabilities

Top ten destinations for people with disabilities

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Following a poll of 3,500 people, a list of the world’s most accessible cities for people with disabilities has been published.

The Valuable 500, a global business collective, released a report that includes data from a survey of 3,500 people with disabilities that were conducted in August and September 2022.

“Transport links, the proximity of lodging to attractions, shops, and restaurants, and the availability of information about accessibility” were considered when rating cities.

Participants were from China, Japan, the US, the UK, Australia, and the UK.

Since accessibility was frequently disregarded by the industry, according to Caroline Casey, founder of The Valuable 500, they wanted to investigate it.

The travel and tourism industry, according to her, “remains an afterthought when it comes to accessibility arrangements for people with disabilities.”

While ramps and spacious bathrooms are typical images that come to mind when discussing accessibility, a key theme from the report was that respect was a crucial quality that disabled travelers looked for.

According to the report’s author, Martin Heng, “although physical accessibility is important, what’s so significant is that people with disabilities choose travel providers based on being treated with respect and understanding of their needs across all territories.”


1. Singapore (Singapore)

With an aging population, the city is well-versed in accessibility and safety thanks to governmental regulations that guarantee all people can use buildings, restrooms, and public transportation.

2. Shanghai (China)

This city’s pavements are now easily walked on and frequently have ramps thanks to recent construction. Additionally, it has the biggest metro system in the world, which is wheelchair-accessible in its entirety.

3. Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo was chosen by the majority of respondents (74%) because of its public transportation and surface indicators, which facilitate navigation for pedestrians who are blind or visually impaired.

United States

4. Las Vegas

In this city, there are many hotels, and fortunately, many of them are accessible.

The report stated that many casinos also had trained staff to assist patrons. “Some, like the Bellagio, offer dozens of accessible rooms, some offer hundreds – across all price brackets and room types, including Las Vegas’ famed themed rooms and suites,” it added.

5. New York

The city that offers the most information to help travelers “plan their trip and avoid disappointment” received the highest rating. The official guide to New York City, according to the report, has an entire page devoted to advise, information, and guides regarding accessibility.

6. Orlando

The land of theme parks was also included. Many well-known parks, including Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios Florida, have been praised for being physically accessible and for having extra features to make it more enjoyable for people with disabilities.


7. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Wheelchair-accessible bike lanes totaling 400 km make it simple to navigate this city.

The report stated that it was even possible to rent adapted bikes, including ones that could accommodate a wheelchair, in one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. Nearly all city attractions are also easily accessible.

8. Paris (France)

Paris has increased its efforts in the accessibility field as the host city for the 2024 Paralympic Games.

According to the report, “the city is creating 15 accessible pilot districts around Olympic and Paralympic sites in the run-up to the 2024 Games, improving access to public spaces, hotels, services, shops, and so on.” Visitors with disabilities who can skip lines frequently receive free admission to museums.

9. London (UK)

London has made a strong commitment to accessible tourism after a 2018 study revealed the industry generated billions for the economy.

According to the report, “one of the major outcomes… has been the publication of a wealth of all-important information needed by disabled people to plan vacations and outings.”


10. Sydney

Sydney was named Australia’s top city for travelers with disabilities across the ditch. Sydney was chosen because it offers visitors a wealth of information, much like New York City does.

Wheelchair accessibility is a legal requirement for all newly constructed and renovated structures in the city.

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